• UV Curing System
  • UV curing lamp
  • Mercury lamp
  • Metal halide lamp
  • UV curing facility
  • Multi-functional UV curing machine
  • The general industrial UV curing machine
  • Portable UV curing machine
  • UV curing exposure machine
  • Drawer type curing machine
  • UV LED point light curing machine
  • UV curing power supply
  • Traditional power supply
  • UV lights power for frequency energy saving supply
  • Unique Lamp
  • Quartz Lighting Lamp
  • Explosion-proof Lamp
  • UV-proof Lamp
  • Medical Lamp
  • Special wavelength fluorescent lamp
  • Green Lighting
  • T8CCFL Lighting
  • UV air sterilizing Lamp
  • Plant Growing Lamps
  • CCFL
  • UV - Series of Ultraviolet sterilization lamp
  • Light steel frame-Germicidal lamps
  • Portable uv gericidal lamp
  • E27 Remote Type germicidal lamp
  • UV Lamp Stand
  • Green Lighting

    Now society attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy saving issue. Our lamps produced by cold cathode fluorescent technique have advantages of low operating temperature, non-UV and energy saving. Green products is divided into T8CCFL lighting, UV air sterilizing lamps, plant growing lamps. UV air sterilizing lamps for our patent research and development of products, the UV lights can be transformed into visible light by the white optic pad on the surface. It combines lighting and sterilization into one., to provide customers the best choice.
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